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Auto Voltage Regulator
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EDM, Laser machines cutting M/C, Machining centers, Lathes, Drilling, Boring, Milling M/C, Grinding machines, Automation, Production equipment, SMT equipment, Medical equipment, Hi-Tech Industry, Computer Laboratory

Auto Voltage Regulator Characteristics:

Wide range AC input up to ±15%:

Regulator is designed to sustain wide range of AC input in order to operate the equipment under fluctuated power supply; all the components are strictly selected to ensure the quality of regulator.

Sophisticate structure and undersized volume:

Core components are imported from Taiwan; the silicon steel sheet is made by the best steel company in Taiwan, the sophisticate structure and precise manufacturing provides an efficient、effective, undersized transformer.

User-friendly design:

The regulator is modulated; R-S-T phases could be easily adjusted and the user could read the meter displayed on the board while operating.

Individual adjustment for each phase:

Three phases could be adjusted individually when the current is fluctuating; it is designed to ensure the output voltage is regulated in detail.

Bypass Device:

Bypass device could switch on manually when the regulator is malfunctioned or needs to be protected from any factor, during this mean time the transformer is still functional and has its own protection against high voltage, low voltage、short circuit.

Simple care and maintenance.

Double overcurrent protection (No Fuse Brake & Fuse).

Automatically detect voltage.

Short circuit Proteciton.

Hidden type circuit breakers.

Product: Auto Voltage Regulator
Phase: 3 Phase
Frequency: 50/60Hz
Capacity: 10kVA~100kVA
Rated Voltage: 220V/380V
Ambient Temperature -10 ~ +40℃
Humidity 45 ~ 85%RH
Altitude Under 1000M
Protection Setting:  
  • High voltage protection:
  Output High voltage setting: +15%


  • Trip time setting for High Voltage: 7 seconds
  • Low voltage protection:
  Output low voltage setting:-15%
  • Trip time setting for low voltage:7 seconds
Regulate range Setting: ±15%
Output regulation setting: ±1%
Voltage Adjustment: Individual adjustment for each
Output voltage adjustable range: ±10%
Remark: Customizable